Hastings Consulting Co.

Through Hot and Hot Fish Club, Chris and Idie have built a close network of purveyors across Alabama and the southeast; passionate artisans and foragers who consistently deliver stellar produce and products. Inspired by these individuals, they established a new arm of Hot and Hot Fish Club to help other chefs, restaurateurs, and real estate developers create successful food service operations that benefit their surrounding regions.

Developing community through the passion of food and gathering is the cornerstone of Hastings Consulting Co. From finding a venue to fine-tuning menus and cultivating a system of trustworthy purveyors, Chris and Idie uniquely mentor each organization to find success. Their jobs extend further to operational oversight and ensuring that the restaurant stays true to its vision and on track with long-term goals.

Peruse the links below containing a selection of Hastings Consulting success stories and a taste of how Chris and Idie could help your business.

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