History & Art

The building that houses Hot and Hot Fish Club has a storied past, beginning as Caddell’s Creamery, a popular burger joint in the 1950’s, later transforming into Upside-Down Plaza, a memorable pool hall in the 1970’s and 80’s. The building’s original design largely remains today—even with modern renovations—thanks to architects Joe and Chris Giattina and Marzette Fisher, formerly of Birmingham’s Fisher, Giattina and Aycock.

Rebecca Hatcher (Hatcher Design Associates, Inc.) and Liz Wood (Liz Hand Woods Association) carefully curated the dining spaces to feature renowned artists, including Dick Jemison, Marcia Unger, Rise Delmar Ochsner, and Sculptor Bob Lehman.  Other local and internationally known artists were also tapped to contribute to the various dining spaces. Musician Robert Moore crafted the harvest table and matching hutch in the Harvest Room, the chandelier and many of the iron-and-wood chairs were built by blacksmith John Ledford, and John Hollingsworth is credited for the design of many of the remaining chairs. Well-known potter Tena Payne developed a signature line of pottery, from dinner plates to espresso cups, and continues to supply them, hand thrown, from her Leeds Earthborn Pottery studio.